Rawburn Loaded


What you can see –
Loaded weaned off his Dam at 435Kgs at under 8 months of age. He is as structurally sound and correct as any calf we have bred at Rawburn and displays exceptional natural thickness and fleshing ability.

What you can’t see –
His Sire, Nichols Expectation, was the highest bull in the US for Residual Average Daily Gain (feed efficiency & performance) in 2015.

His Dam, Rawburn Lady Rose N636, has a faultless breeding record. She has on consecutive years bred the heaviest bull at 400 days in the Rawburn herd.

Loaded is designed to grow quickly with and unrivalled ability to utilise grass or concentrate to produce red meat. His daughters will require less grass to maintain themselves and raise their own calves.

For more information call 07795 165 140 or email [email protected]

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