Rawburn Bannockburn

Rawburn Bannockburn is designed for maximum feed efficiency without the compromise on growth and breed character.

In 2016 we purchased his Dam, Nichols Bonnie Y292, from the Nichols herd in Iowa. This cow was identified and selected due to her exceptional performance and traits for fee utilisation. Bonnie’s 2015 born son shattered every record in the Nichols herd for Residual Average Daily Gain (feed efficiency and growth).

Bannockburn’s Sire, QH Rampage, is one of the most dominant sires ever in the US. A bull renowned for exceptional growth, structural soundness and fertility.

Bannockburn is designed to breed cattle that are born easily, grow quickly with an unrivalled ability to turn grass or feeding into red meat.

For more information call 07795 165 140 or email [email protected]

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