Nichols Expectation

Nichols Expectation

In May 2016 we travelled to the Nichols Ranch in Iowa. The Nichols ranch is focused on commercial excellence with genetics from this herd dominating the performance rankings in the US for Residual Average Daily Gain.

One individual stood out within the Nichols herd. Recently off performance test, Nichols Expectation C370 had shattered all previous herd records for RADG and recorded the heaviest yearling weight in his contemporary year group (500 bulls).

Nichols Expectation’s staggering RADG Epd of +0.45 suggests that when compared against the breed average bull, Expectation’s offspring will generate £40 additional profit due to their superior feed utilisation – greater returns with no additional input!

For more information call 07795 165 140 or email [email protected]

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